Working with the community

Unitruc is held with great esteem throughout the transport industry, also the profile within the community, at local and national levels, has been equally important.

Charity support is an integral part of Unitruc’s community program. We actively work with a number of local charities and organisations, sponsoring events, day trips and specialist equipment for less privileged children.

Over the past 25 years Unitruc have sponsored a number of events at local schools teaching children road skills and the highway code, the dangers of drugs and about other environmental issues. Two of the main events that we sponsor are The Big Beach Bang and Southend Carnival which we have worked alongside with since 1992.

Sports and Clubs

Unitruc sponsor a number of local teams and clubs enabling them to achieve higher standards.

We are also a sponsor for Richard McEvoy who is a local golf professional who is now playing on the European Tour.


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